Author: Arcadius

The Orchard King – Afallach, Son of Beli

Ah Glastonbury, the little Somerset town that grabbed a snippet of Arthurian mythology a ran wild with it. The quirky shops that line its high-street sell everything from Goddess figurines and flower crowns to replica swords and Ouija boards, while its many healers and psychics make bold and daring claims

Echoes Of Glory – Rediscovering Rhun Son Of Beli

Though a surprisingly large body of work has survived the centuries since the first storytellers shared tales of the beings they had encountered, it is also sadly apparent that we have also lost a great deal, with entire mythological epics now only existing as passing references in other stories. Many

True Black Tarot Review

“It is only in darkness we can see the stars” Author: Arthur Wang Publisher: self-published Available At: By the Gods, this deck is absolutely gorgeous. The passion project of Arthur Wang, the True Black Tarot kickstarter was first posted on the 17th of September 2017 and soon barreled right

Breaking The Wheel – Arianrhod Daughter Of Beli

Updated 19/01/2019 Arianrhod is a popular goddess in neo-paganism, perhaps too popular for her own good. She has enraptured the hearts and minds of devotees ranging from Wiccans and Druids to Goddess worshippers and Occultists, she is praised as the “Lady Of The Silver Wheel”, Welsh Goddess of the moon

Cloak And Dagger – Caswallawn Son of Beli

updated 19/01/2019 Of all the players that feature in the pages of the Mabinogi perhaps none possess the subterfuge, the brutality or the mystery of Caswallawn. Introduced late into the second branch, Caswallawn uses a cloak of invisibility to slay the six stewards entrusted by King Bran to protect his

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